Aphasia is a communication difficulty. It can happen after a stroke or other type of damage to the parts of the brain involved with language.

Speakeasy is for people with aphasia and their carers. People who have aphasia may find it difficult to use and understand speech, to read and write. Sometimes, using gesture and numbers can also be difficult.

Intelligence remains the same.

Speakeasy supports people who have aphasia and their carers to further develop skills and confidence, and to live as full a life as possible.

Speakeasy is not a replacement for speech and language therapy, it can provide benefits for people while therapy is still happening, or when therapy has come to an end.

Speakeasy provides the opportunity to communicate with other people and practice particular skills that may be difficult. Members decide for themselves what sort of activities they want to work on and the Speakeasy staff support them to achieve this.

Speakeasy also offers computer-based therapy.

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