Saint Mary the Virgin, Bury Parish Church


Service Times
Sunday Services:
08.00 Holy Communion;
10.05 Choral Family Communion;
18.30 Choral Evensong
Weekday Services:
Monday: 08.30 Mattins; 12.30 Parish Intercessions; 18.30 Evensong
Tuesday: 07.30 Holy Communion; 08.30 Mattins; 18.30 Evensong
Wednesday: 08.30 Mattins; 11.00am Holy Communion; 18.30 Evensong
Thursday: 08.30 Mattins; 12.45 Holy Communion; 18.30 Evensong
Friday: 09.00 Mattins; 09.30 Holy Communion (First friday only); 18.00 Evensong
Holy Communion will normally be celebrated on Saints Days and Holy Days, in the morning and evening
Sunday School is normally run concurrently with the Family Communion Service and a creche is available for parents and young children.
Tea and coffee is available in the Church Hall after main morning service

Contact Information

Saint Mary the Virgin, Bury Parish Church

Market Place

Tel: 0161 764 2452

Meeting times


8.00am Holy Communion (said)

10.00am Family Communion

6.30pm Evensong


11.00am Holy Communion

1.00pm Weekly Service for Armed Forces Overseas (see below)


12.45pm Holy Communion

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