Rotary Club Of Radcliffe


The members of The Rotary Club of Radcliffe are drawn from a wide cross section of men and women across the local community. We meet weekly for a meal, to enjoy friendship and to discuss ways of serving others. Social, sporting and inter-club events take place throughout the year.

Locally, we offer service to our community, particularly to those who are disadvantaged, young and old alike and we promote and help many local community projects and charities. Internationally, Rotary sponsors many worthwhile humanitarian projects and we in the Rotary Club of Radcliffe play a vital part.

Rotary gives its members the opportunity to put something back into their community, in recognition of what that community has given to them. Rotarians believe that regardless of the size of the problem, it is worth doing something rather than nothing at all. If you have been lucky in life, want to give something back and want to enjoy "Fun and Friendship" ? Then Rotary just may be for you!

Membership of Rotary is open to people who not only care about the community locally, but also internationally. If you have a place of work or residence in or near Radcliffe and you are willing to put time and energy into having some fun and friendship whilst helping others then just click here. Give us a contact number and we will be in touch. 

We are registered with the Charity Commission, Charity number 1035354.

Contact Information

Rotary Club of Radcliffe

The Masonic Hall
110 Bury New Road

Meeting times

Meet on Mondays at 6.00pm

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