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26th March Brian Helliwell talks about the Golden Age of Comedy 

9 April Amy Valverde - Cabaret Singer - a Parisian resident in Bury.

16 April Sitting Down Exercises - last in series - funding has run out.

23 April Square Street Singers. Choir of about 20

30 April Bingo.

14 May Pamela Hill will talk about her life and books she has written.

21 May Lancashire Belle (Jane) will entertain with songs we love.


Our club has had another good year (2017) of entertainment by some very good singers and groups of singers. One of our singers was accepted for the TV programme The Voice. Our other entertainers rank with her or close to her. We also have Bingo sessions and speakers. Brian Halliwell is a speaker who tells us about 'The Golden Age of Comedy'. We rounded off the year in fine style with an excellent Christmas dinner prepared by the Mosses's subsidiary - the Angoulmene company. We have in the past had a close association with successive Co-operatives operating in Bury and our members comprised most members of the moribund Bury Members Group of The co-operative. It is written in our constitution that we support the Co-operative Movement and Fairtrade. This being so at our final event of the year was a Christmas Party where we enjoyed superb Coop Brand cakes and superb modestly priced Coop Brand Fairtrade wine. These products were financed by using some of the residual funds of the Bury Members Group. This follows the precedent of the suppor previously given by The co-operative.



It is a paradox that while loneliness for aged people living alone has been identified as a major health problem our membership has halved since 2006. At this time in our history we have just over 40 members with an average attendance at our weekly social meetings of around 30. This is despite absorbing two other social clubs since 2006.  From time to time some members have stated that our Red Rose Club is a lifeline. Despite this it is clear without more members closer to the age of 60 we will fade out within 5 years as most of our members are in their 80's or 90's. We have a varied programme of singers, speakers, bingo and quizzes. The latter are easy and can be won by guessing. A recent Beetle game proved to be something of a fun event that we can repeat. Sitting down exercises is an event we have planned – clearly exercise is something aged people need to practice. We will have to see how it works our before it becomes a regular feature. The current weekly attendance subscription is only £1.50 and this includes refreshments. These kinds of notes have prompted children of aged parents who are lonely to approach us about us about our activities but without any follow up. It is clear that the parents will not want to attend alone. It is notable that recently two daughters worried about their father’s lack of social activity brought him along to sample it our club would be acceptable to him.  So if you want to know more about us ring Peter Roscoe 0161 761 6856. We meet on Monday afternoon starting at 2pm and finishing at 3.30pm.

Peter Roscoe Committe  Member


Although our membership is declining we still have an attendance of around 35 each week of the 45 current active members. We meet each Monday afternoon at the Mosses Community Centre for a modest subscription of £1.50 at each meeting. With a wide variety of entertainment there is always something to look forward to. Pam’s people is a group of around 8 singers who enhance their performance with some acting and dancing numbers from the musicals etc. Then we have some talented singer guitarists to entertain. Interesting talks have been featured in the past and we are again looking at this aspect of our activity for 2016. Each fortnight or so we have bingo or an occasional quiz. Special events this year have been our 60th birthday celebration when we had a lunch at the Mosses with guest of honour The Mayor of Bury Councillor Stella Smith and her consort husband Councillor John Smith to honour us with their presence. Our Mayor spoke briefly about our history which she had learned involved some ladies who in 1955 asked Bury Co-operative Society to establish an over 60’s club. The ladies in question had been members of The Bury Branch of the Women’s Co-operative Guild, which was in existence from 1890 until the early 1950’s. We ended the year with an excellent Christmas Lunch prepared by Mosses staff. We were all pleased to have in attendance our secretary Joan Ashworth who has not been with us for a few months and is now recovering from serious illness. The last meeting of the year was a Christmas party with a free buffet presents and games. This meeting was depleted, as 16 of our members were able to join a Co-operative Group on a Tinsel and Turkey break in Blackpool. We are an independent group but over the years our connection with the Co-operative Movement as been beneficial in all kinds of ways as has our being part of the Mosses Community Centre. Anyone who thinks they might fit in with an over 60’s group can contact Peter Roscoe 0161 761 6856 for further information





On the 3rd August we had a special lunch celebrating 60 years of our existence. Forty one people assembled for lunch and our president Mrs Eileen Smith welcomed our guest of honour The Worshipful the Mayor of Bury Coucillor Stella Smith and her consort (her husband) Mr John Smith. Also welcomed guests were Mrs Eileen Earnshaw and Mrs Lynn Hargreaves from Rochdale Members Group of The co-operative. Red and White wine as well as non-alcholic was served for toasts after lunch. Our president made the toast 'The Queen' and The Mayor toasted the club. The Mayor, after thanking us for the invitation, in her address to the attendees made reference to our history pointing our that the Red Rose club was the successor to Bury Women's Co-operative Guild which had been founded in 1890. This Guild was part of the National WCG which was at the forefront of campaigning on social Issues women's suffrage, maternity benefits and equal pay for women in the Co-operative Movement. The Mayor appreciated the spray of flowers that our president presented and duly left for another appointment. The proceedings continued with Mrs Eileen Smith reading some of her poems which were a delight to hear. These evoked laughter and 'tears' as reference was made to the horrors of the first world war. It had been a splendid occasion but regretably our long serving secretary Mrs Joan Ashworth was not able to attend as a result of illness. The Red Roses which had adorned the tables were made into a bunch and our President duly delivered them to Joan with our best wishes for recovery.


Today we had the splendid 'Pam's People' to entertain  us.The first few songs appropriately related to springtime including Lusty Month of May from Camelot.They not only sing but also give a flavour of a musical performance by acting out their songs - see photo in gallery whilst singing 'Just Singing in the Rain.   A lady member of the group gave a saucy rendition of Mademoiselle de Paree much to the delight of our few male members. With a host of numbers from the shows one of our members reflected that he had enjoyed the afternoon as much as going to a show in Manchester.






Our meeting  on Monday 27 April at the Mosses Community Centre when Bury Members Group of The co-operative hosted our meeting. Chair of the group, Peter Roscoe gave a talk on the origins of Co-operatives. He made the point that in the animal kingdom there is co-operation amongst of groups such as ants. He noted a reference in a recent religious programme that St Peter and four other disciples fishing on the sea of Galille were a co-operative. Instances of co-opratives long before the Rochdale P...ioneers were also quoted but it was not until the first decades of the 19th century that numerous reail co-operative societies were formed. These were influenced by Industrialist/philanthropist David Owen and Doctor William King. The theories of these people were helpful but it was not until the formation of the Rochdale Pioneers Equitable Society in 1844 that the basis for successful retail co-operative societies emerged. This success was based on the first instance on ensuring that sufficient funds were available. It is remarkable that 28 people aimed for each having a £1.00 share which was around a week's wage. This was accumulated over a period by weekly collections.Then from their actions what is known as the Rochdale principles emerged. These were not written down but were evident from the actions of the Pioneers. The Internaitonal Co-operative Alliance found them to be 1. Open membership 2.Democratic Control 3.Dividend on purchases 4. Limited interest on Capital 5. Political and religious neutrality
6.Cash Trading 7. Promotion of Education. It is surprinsing that 'fair trading' is not mentioned as the Pioneers have been recognised as the first organisation to have 'fair trading' as a policy e.g. they did not sell adulterated products and the products they did sell were of the best quality. It was then the Pioneer's example that other groups of people followed in estabilishing successful co-operative societies which led to today's world wide Movement of 800 million members. Bury Co-operative Society was established in 1851. After the meeting there wa a free bingo session with Co-operative products as prizes. Most of these were Fairtrade.








We have maintained our plus 50 number of members throughout 2014 although our age profile is increasing all the time as more members achieve their 80th and 90th birthdays. Celebrating her 90th birthday was our president Eileen Smith who remains as vigorous as ever.

We have continued with regular engagement of singers, choirs and entertainment groups for our Monday afternoon meetings. Guitarist, singer Geoff Kenyon has made the most regular appearances and on one occasion crooner Johnny Carr who at one time regularly entertained joined him. Hopefully, his circumstances will improve for more regular appearances in 2015. Astral Players and Bury Veterans are two choirs who regularly entertain – each group has a ‘resident’ comedian to bring laughter to our Monday afternoons of enjoyment. Singer, musician Barry Jackson entertained on two occasions with his rich vocals and magical flute playing. When an entertainer is not available we play bingo, which is very popular with most members.

A very special occasion this year was the celebration of Ethel Weildon’s 100th birthday when we had a banquet prepared by the Mosses Catering Manager, Tricia. President Eileen Smith spoke briefly about Ethel’s life and involvement with our Red Rose Club. Special guest Jill Logan, former Mosses Assistant Executive spoke about Ethel’s skill at computer game boxing at one of the Mosses social events.

Other celebration meals were our club’s 59th birthday buffet, Christmas dinner and Christmas party buffet. After the Christmas dinner we sang four carols accompanied on piano by Mosses Community Centre Chief Executive, Peter Firth.

A small group had a five-day Spring time holiday at Gilsland Spa and fifteen members enjoyed a five day Tinsel and Turkey break at Park House Hotel, Blackpool in December.

Joan Ashworth our secretary for many years continues to do a sterling job in organising our weekly meetings. Any one interested in joining our group should ring Joan Ashworth for further information 01204 885521. The admission charge is £1.50 for each attendance and some members enjoy a weekly lunch beforehand at a very modest price at the Mosses.

More information is available on our website.

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December has been a busy month for Red Rose Members. At the first meeting we had the pleasure of another return visit by Pam's people who's singing entertainment is enhanced by theatrical performances. This time it was pirates.

Our second meeting was our annual Christmas Dinner. As usual Mosses catering manager Tricia excelled . After dining we had a raffle, stand up bingo finishing off with carol singing. We were delighted to have piano accompaniment by Peter Firth, Chief Exectuive. at the Mosses.

The Festive Season continued on the last meeting with our annual Chirtmas party organised by Joan Ashworth. Fifteen members did not attend as we were on a 5 day Tinsel and Turkey Break at the Park House Hotel, Blackpool. (see  photos in gallery)This was in conjuction with Bury and Rochdale Co-operative members groups with whom we have a close association.


This month tp entertain we had (i) solo artist singer Geoff Kenyon (ii) The Astral Ladies and Gents Choir (iii) The Bury Veteran's Male Voice Choir and (iv) a visit from the Rochdale Players Pulling Threads who performed their play about the experiences of people in the first world war. (see photo in gallery).


Just one entertainment  couple this month - husband and wife known as Dolly Blue. This was the first time at the Red Rose and we look forward to their return



A special guest entertainer this month was singer and talented muscian Barry Jackson engaged to celebrate the 80th Birthday of treasurer Peter Roscoe. (see photos in Gallery).


AUGUST 2014.

Each year we celebrate our establishment in 1955 - so our birthday party was our 59th. As usual for this occasion we had a buffet and as usual this was the excellent fare provided by the Mosses Community Cafe.










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