Red Rose Club

Constitution & Rules

1. To provide recreational and social activities for its members.
2. Members will primarily be retired people but all may join.
3. To support Co-operative Principles and have representation at meetings of The co-operatives and Bury Group members.
4. To support Bury Borough’s Fairtrade Campaign and maintain qualification for registration with Bury Fairtrade Steering Committee as a ‘Community Fairtrade Group’.
5. To engage in other charitable activities and The co-operatives annual charity appeal.
6. To have a general policy of buying beverages and biscuits from Co-operative Stores.
1. Open to all regardless of religious denomination or political beliefs.
2. Prospective members are allowed to attend three initial meetings without charge. Thereafter they must pay the weekly fee.
3. Payment of the weekly fee means acceptance of membership by the club and the member must then also become a member of The Mosses Community Association.
4. Only members may vote at the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting.
5. Election of officials and committee to take place annually at the Annual General Meeting.
6. The officials shall be President (chairs meetings) vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The committee appoint an auditor
7. An annual report (verbal) and the audited annual accounts to be presented at the AGM.
8. In addition to officials the committee will comprise 5 committee members who (if they are able) will be expected to share the work of running the weekly meetings.
9. All members who are able are expected to co-operate in the running of the club by such things as partaking in the weekly washing up.
10. Rule changes and subscription increases can only be authorised at the AGM or a Special General Meeting.
11. The secretary or 6 members giving written notice to the secretary can call a Special General Meeting.
12. Notice of the AGM or a SGM to be given at two prior meetings.
13. The weekly subscription rate to be reviewed at each AGM.
14. The weekly beverages (tea & coffee) to be Fairtrade products.
15. Take an active part in Fairtrade Fortnight by such things as a product tasting session and raffle.
16. In the event of an inability of the club to continue its existence the residual funds to be donated to The Mosses Community Centre.

The club was formed in 1955 and for many years met in the basement of the former Kay Gardens Emporium of Bury Co-operative Society. This was rent-free but it could hardly have been suitable.

When Bury Society became part of Norwest Society the store was eventually sold and the better Mosses Community Centre became our home.

Mrs Holt now deceased told Peter Roscoe that the club succeeded the Bury Co-operative Women’s Guild. This organisation was thriving in the 1890's. See Bury Archive for further information on this wonderful campaigning group of ladies.

With a fluctuating membership of around 60 it must be regarded as a very successful club providing recreation for the over 60’s.

Contact Information

Red Rose Club

Mosses Centre
Cecil Street

Tel: 0161 761 6856

Meeting times

Monday starting 1.30 for payment of fees starting entertainment 2pm to 3.30pm

Where we are

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