What is Cameo-Aid

CAMEO-Aid was formed to educate deprived children in East Africa, particularly south Sudan. It believes that the road out of poverty is through education. 

CAMEO-Aid is also engaged in the re-equipping if local medical facilities, the building of primary schools and the awarding of university scholarships to south Sudanese student studying for a profession which they will praxctice in south Sudan.

From 2009 CAMEO-Aid will award Bursaries to Gap year students from north Manchester, who are undertaking community based tasks in East Africa.  Students wishing to apply should email to:

[email protected]

Applications are by email only and applicants will be required to copy the application form to a new email and complete the answers.  They should then make a copy and email the application to CAMEO-Aid.

Applications should be made in the final year of college for trips to be taken in the following year.

Contact Information


Tel: 0161 796 9926