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Friends of Chesham LNR

Friends of Chesham Woods

Chesham Woods are a group of woodlands a mile north of Bury Town Centre.

Local residents have been managing the woods in partnership with the Council and The Conservation Volunteer since 1986, originally in the guise of the Chesham Woods Management Committee and since 2000 as the Friends of Chesham Woods. Chesham Woods and Gypsy Brook were declared as Bury’s second Local Nature Reserve on the 22nd December 2000.

Members of the Friends meet quarterly with representative of the Council, organise the annual Chesham Woods Open Day and participate in the Chesham Fold Green Gym®, which meets most Sunday at 1-30pm to carry out practical improvement works around the Woods, such as footpath clearance, drystone walling and tree felling.

A leaflet has been produced for the site.

A pdf version is available at: www.bury.gov.uk


Chair Rita Martin
Vice Chair David Hardman
Treasurer David Dutton
Secretary Vacant

Form more information contact – [email protected]

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