Bury Metro Community Twinning Association


We are an independent voluntary organisation, which arranges exchange visits for individuals and families. Members are able to visit our twin towns where they stay in the homes of local people and in return provide hospitality when visitors come to this country. In this way, people from different countries make lasting friendships and experience styles of living, usually denied to ordinary travellers.


Regular, well-supported social evenings are held throughout the year, which enable members to keep in touch and help to fund activities when visitors come here from abroad.


Recent Events

A superb evening Wining and Dining at the 3Czons restaurant was enjoyed on 21st February by members and their guests.  A French menu of five courses surpassed the magnificent French Dinner held at the same tiome last year.  All tickets had been sold by ten days before the closing date for applications. So, if you don't want to misss our next function be quick!



Bury Town Twinners visit Tulle


Thirty eight visitors including the Mayor and Mayoress of Bury travelled to Tulle on 9th April where they received a warm welcome from their hosts.  At a time of hectic presidential electioneering, official receptions by, initially the Maire - Adjoint (Assistant Mayor) and later in the week, by Monsieur Francois Hollande, Deputé (MP) and Maire and husband of presidential candidate, Madame Ségolène Royal, demonstrated how important the twinning partnership is seen in Tulle. 

A Soirée organised by the traditional French dance group, l’École Ventadour (who visited Bury in April 2006), introduced us for the first time to the wild, whirling, colourful world of el Rancho, a Tulle based Portuguese dance group and to the amazing sound of fado singing.  Only the more familiar styles of Leap to Your Feet (the Bury Folk Dance group) and l’École Ventadour served to remind us that we were in France not Portugal that night. 

An excursion to the Dordogne and the Gouffre de Padirac allowed us to enjoy the perilous gondola ride through the caverns and the fabulous limestone structures beyond.  This was combined with a visit to Rocamadour, the gold coloured medieval town which clings to the side of cliffs over the Alzou canyon.  The coolness and stillness of the Abbey reminded us that it was the second most visited religious shrine in France, and it was easy to understand why.  In contrast, the golden eagles gliding and soaring out over the chasm and closely above our heads demonstrated the wildness and remoteness of the place. 

The next day a visit to Brive and la Maison Denoix a traditional distillery, which practised methods unchanged since its establishment in 1839.  A delightful demonstration and a generous and educative tasting quickly persuaded us that Liqueur Denoix was something the English could not live without.

 Our visit to Musée Chirac took us to a different unreal world.  Who gives a visiting President a present of an AK47 automatic rifle? or a life size polystyrene Dodo?, or a working model of his palace in solid gold?  The museum contained presents given to President Chirac during his presidency.  An amazing treasure trove, from the unimaginably expensive to the tawdry, from extreme elegance to the positively bizarre.

The Farewell dinner, held at the Hotel du Gare, and attended by over eighty hosts and guests ended our visit in the friendliest atmosphere over a classic French meal. 

It was clear that our hosts had made every effort to ensure that our stay in their town would be memorable.  At our request and with some difficulty they had changed the timing of the visit so that it coincided with school holidays in Bury.  This allowed twenty people, who would not otherwise have been able to attend, to participate in twinning for the first time.  The age range of the visiting party covered more than sixty years and this bodes well for the future of twinning in Prestwich and Bury. Readers interested in finding out more about Twinning should contact Yvonne Moore on 01617667378



Further ahead:-

On 8th June a Wine Tasting Evening has been arranged. 

American Evening will take place at the 3 CZons Restaurant  Bury College Market Street on November 22 make a note for your diary.  For more information about these events


Joyce Johnson         (Chairman)               01204 884706

Yvonne Moore         (Secretary)               0161 766 7378

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