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Calling all gardeners - let's get blogging!

Interested in gardening, but would like to share tips with fellow green-fingered residents?

Retired Bury resident Marilyn Ormson has been gardening all her life and loves it - she has won the Brandlesholme Community Group Best Back Garden competition for the last two years.

Now Marilyn has set up a blog site so keen gardeners across the borough can share their knowledge and enthusiasm.

Marilyn said: “Every year I get frustrated by the amount of seeds I have to buy, at about £1.99 a packet, to get the dozen or so plants I might want. Seed will keep (in a cool place) for a year or so but to be honest, when it comes to vegetable seeds in particular, they are better bought fresh each year. As I am gardening for two, a thousand lettuces are not strictly required.

“I am also a “belt and braces” type person and sow double quantities so I can replace any duff plants. For example I sow a dozen runner beans individually in pots for the six I really want. So not only do I end up with most of a packet of seeds left over but a few weeks later I also have a half dozen beautiful baby bean plants going begging.

“I’d like to find people locally who could make use of them so I came up with the idea of a gardening blog for Bury Gardeners where maybe we could arrange to swap seeds or plants. We could certainly talk to each other and swap ideas and other useful local information.

“I am happy to help people with gardening advice and I hope the blog will become a forum for us helping each other. It is the best kind of knowledge because it is local. Much of what you find on line via the RHS, BBC, Gardeners World and so on is very 'Southern' based and we are as much as a month behind their instructions.

“So please have a look at http://burygardeners.blogspot.com and join your gardening neighbours for a natter.”

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