Bury Fibromyalgia Group

Introduction to the BFG Group

Fibromyalgia- we who have it all realise how devasting this illness can be, but often find it difficult to explain how we feel to our family, friends and associates.

This support group is quite new but already there has been almost 40 people who have contacted me, happy and excited that there is at last a support group in the Bury area.

I am looking for a venue for the 1st July meeting as I have moved to a small bungalow now.

We have a facebook page as below, feel free to join and get to know everyone.


The support that comes from meeting up  with others who have Fibro is immeasurable, Please try and join us or email me @ [email protected]



Bury Fibromyalgia Group, for support, information and get togethers for those with FM and related illnesses in Bury and surrounding areas.

Next meeting July 1st @ 12pm

Contact Information

Bury Fibromyalgia Group

Flat 3
187 Walmersley Road

Tel: 0161 764 8419

Where we are

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