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Bury African Outreach (BAO - UK Charity Number 1094502) began in 1992 after Betsy Keating was invited by a Ugandan priest, Father Kakuba Kappia, to visit his village project in Mpigi.

Betsy was so impressed with the people’s zeal to become self-sufficient that she encouraged her friends to join her in sending medical, educational and craft equipment to Uganda. Within a decade £35,000 of equipment was sent mainly from Bury (Lancashire) in the UK.

However, it became apparent that the HIV/AIDS pandemic had had a devastating effect on many children. Previously the Ugandan extended family could incorporate an orphaned relative into their midst, but now with nearly 2 million orphans a new type of support was urgently needed.

In the year 2000 the Benedictine Sisters in Tororo, Uganda requested urgent help for the many orphaned children knocking on their door. We responded by setting up our Standing Order Scheme which has helped us to provide regular funds that has enabled 45 children to go to school.

For further information about Bury African Outreach and the Benedictine Sisters in Uganda,  please visit our 'About' section on this website.



October 2007 An exciting presentation on BAO was given at St. Gabriel’s RC High School in Bury by the head of year 11, John Keating, who had recently taught in Ugandan schools providing an education for the many orphans. Pupils were deeply touched by John's vivid presentation about life for the Ugandan children. They saw pictures of the happy and hopeful faces of Ugandan children who could now go to school as a result of our charity’s sponsorship. One pupil said, “It made me realise how much we have and take for granted, and how privileged we are”.

December 2007 - “Smiles Go Miles” – Pupils at St Gabriel’s were inspired to think of many creative ways of making money for the orphans which included a lunchtime cafe with music and dancing. In total the pupils raised £1,000. One teacher said, “It is vital for any child to feel that no matter how small their actions may be they can make a positive contribution to the world and enjoy MAKING A DIFFERENCE”

Bond is back

May 2008 “Casino Royale” - Yes, 'Bond is back'... and helping raise funds for Bury African Outreach! - please visit our News section on this website, and expect to be 'stirred' if not shaken!



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