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No entrance fee. School trips can be arranged.

Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary is on a site of over 50 acres overlooking the Irwell valley and became a registered charity in 1969. The Sanctuary is an independent organisation and is managed with the help of a keen voluntary committee. Our main priority is the welfare of animals, no animal is ever put to sleep at Bleakholt unless it is absolutely necessary in the opinion of our veterinary surgeons. Dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and rabbits can all be re homed from Bleakholt. We are very careful where our animals go and to ensure we get it right all homes are visited before animals are adopted. We have very high standards for the care of these animals whilst they are in our care.

We also provide help and support to ensure that this standard of care can be maintained in their new homes. All animals are vaccinated and neutered, dogs are also micro chipped. Micro chipping, FIV and FeLV testing are also available for cats and kittens. Animals which for some reason cannot be re-homed remain at Bleakholt for life and can be sponsored from £15 per year. For this you will get a certificate and a photo from your new friend. You will also get the satisfaction of helping us to care for our long term friends at Bleakholt.

Bleakholt depends solely on voluntary donations and legacies. There is no government funding. The Trustees oversees the management of the Sanctuary. In addition Bleakholt has a charity shop in Ramsbottom to help replenish the constantly needed funds to enable us to carry out our work and aims.

Come and see for yourself the caring work that goes on and you will find fine stone clad buildings, landscaped areas, tree planting, picnic and viewing areas. Cat buildings are heated and have outside play areas with lots of activity. There are also dedicated buildings and facilities for kittens, isolation, hospital plus the special needs and "oldies" rooms. These facilities can care for up to 250 cats and kittens.

Dog accommodation consists of heated kennels, hospital, isolation block, treatment rooms, plus special facilities for puppies and "oldies". All dogs are exercised daily in the runs and walked by staff and volunteers. The dog section has facilities for over 100 dogs and puppies.

There are excellent stable blocks for the horses and ponies plus separate stables for the donkeys. All overnight fields have field shelters. The goats have their own separate facilities and an outside area complete with their own goat mountain to 'play the goat' on. Bleakholt also has accommodation for rescued sheep and cattle. These larger animals total around 100.

Rabbits are accommodated in hygienic stainless steel hutches. They also have both inside and outside activity areas to provide plenty of stimulation.

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Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary

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