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Former Head pens history of Bury Grammar School Girls in A Ballet of Swans

Date published: 02 August 2011

Janet Lawley was Headmistress of Bury Grammar School Girls from 1987 to 1998; she realised some time ago that she knew a great deal about the history of the schools, its beginnings, its people and its learning.

Her new book A Ballet of Swans charts the story of the education of the young people of Bury and celebrates the incredible achievement of the “Reluctant Revolutionaries” who ran the first girls’ schools.

Bury was at the forefront of girls’ education from the beginning. The book traces the threads of the network of connections which were the author’s inheritance in 1987 and follows the School’s progress to 1998.

For those who have a connection with BGS it is a ‘must read’ for it will take you on a wonderful journey down memory lane.

Janet is an inspiring story teller, injecting passion, warmth and humour into her tales of life at BGSG. Her affection for BGSG is evident; she has successfully captured the essence of the spirit of the School.

Miss Lawley has been delighted to bring to life the story of Bury Grammar School Girls.

In preparation for her book she spent a great deal of time reading archive material, interviewing former pupils and colleagues and gathering information from a host of sources.

The philosophies of the School’s earliest Headmistresses are fascinating – they shared a passion and vision for the education of young people which would not be out of place 100 years later.

Miss Lawley says: “I think anyone from Bury who has ever had a connection with the schools – boys or girls – will enjoy this book. It is their heritage - a story of where many Bury came from and how their school set about preparing them for life”. 

A Ballet of Swans costs £15.00 and is available from the Schools’ Development Office on 0161 764 1733 or email [email protected] 

 Proceeds will be donated to the Schools’ Centenary Appeal.