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Harry checks progress on his path

Date published: 26 June 2006

This week a 90 year old local resident, Harry Hill, will be checking the progress of a cycle path alongside Pilsworth Road which he spent ten years campaigning for.

The former British cycling medallist who competed at the Olympic Games attended meetings and made sure that the local cycling forum and council never forgot the importance of the cycle path.

Pilsworth road used to be a quiet country lane which was well used by local cyclists but in recent years new developments led to a huge increase in traffic, particularly heavy goods vehicles, making the narrow section between Moss Hall Road and the M66 particularly hazardous for riders.

When in 2002 Viridor Waste Management applied for planning permission to extend their sand quarry on the south side of Pilsworth Road, Bury Council asked them to provide a footpath and cycleway alongside the road as part of their development. Planning permission was granted in August 2004 and work on the new path began a couple of months ago.

The new 1.2 km path, due to be completed at the end of the month, will link with cycle facilities that were constructed by Rochdale Council at the junction of Moss Hall Road and Pilsworth Road a few years ago. It will bear the name 'Harry Hill Cycleway - opened by Harry Hill, 1936 Olympic cycling medallist, Bury resident and Cycle campaigner, June 2006'

Councillor Alan Matthews, Chair of Bury Cycling Forum, said "I'm really pleased to see this work taking place. Harry has been coming along to Forum meetings for years, reminding us how important it is for this path to be built. It's great too to have something tangible to mark the achievements of one of our local sporting heroes."

Dan Cooke, the External Affairs Manager of Viridor Waste said: 'Viridor is pleased to deliver this useful addition to the local cycle path network.  As a company, we are heavily committed to recycling and with this project we can show our commitment to just plain cycling too!'