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Bury girl and ex-Coronation Street star, Vicky Binns, joins Alfie cast

Date published: 21 January 2012

The Octagon Theatre Bolton celebrates the work of Bolton’s greatest ever playwright, Bill Naughton, with the 1960’s classic: Alfie.

Alfie was made world famous by Michael Caine in one of the most iconic films of the 1960s. It received five Oscar nominations and was voted in Total Film Magazine’s top 50 greatest British films of all time. Alfie was later remade with Jude Law as the eponymous anti-hero. Taking on the role of Alfie’s young and naïve girlfriend Annie will be Bury girl, Vicky Binns.

Unlike the vulnerable character of Annie, Vicky is most well known for her role playing the strong-willed Molly Dobbs in ITV’s Coronation Street.

Vicky commented on her role in Alfie: “I’m thrilled to be involved in this production; it’s great to be back at the Octagon Theatre and to be working with director David Thacker for the first time. I hope that the people of Bolton and the North West come along to see the production and share in the celebration of this great local work.”

Artistic Director, David Thacker, commented: “Bringing Alfie to the stage in the Bill Naughton’s home town is a real privilege for me as a Director, and also as a huge admirer of Naughton’s work. I really hope that many people who have enjoyed the film versions of Alfie will come to see the play and experience something quite wonderful in the intimate setting of the Octagon auditorium. Vicky is a wonderful actress and I know she will bring a humanity and authenticity to the part of Annie. It will be wonderful for Vicky’s fans to have the opportunity to see her live on stage in Bolton, close to her home town of Bury.”

Vicky will be joined on stage by David Ricardo-Pearce playing the role of unrepentant ladies’ man Alfie.

Ricardo-Pearce in the title role of cheeky Cockney is centre stage for nearly three hours. Ricardo-Pearce captures Alife’s complex character, the callousness, the tenderness and the humour. “I look on an evening with just one bird as only half the menu, sausage-and-mash without the treacle pud,” he famously says.

Ricardo-Pearce, is frequently talking to the audience, and even helps with the scene-changing. The bare set is played in-the-round with furniture being moved in and out which keeps the piece moving along.

With eight actors playing 18 roles and the frequent changes of scenery the play takes us through Alfies life of ducking and diving and constant denial.

Isabel Ford takes the parts of sexy Siddie, Alfie’s first conquest in the Ford Zodiac, as well as plain put-upon Lily who ends up having an abortion. The abortion scene with John Branwell as the capable abortionist is the most dramatic part of the play.

The play is dramatic, humorous, touching and powerful, the abortion scene stays with you.

Ricardo-Pearce as Alfie, is a loveable rogue, handsome and physically attractive, his attitude to women is expressed by his dated vocabulary – “bint”, “bird” or just “it, but you find you still have a soft spot for him.

  • Alfie at the Bolton Octagon until 18 February, then touring