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Bury's international art success continues

Date published: 28 January 2011

Bury Art Gallery has secured another prestigious exhibition following its huge success in bringing the Moomin characters over from Finland.

Its international credentials have been strengthened further with an exhibition by two of Australia’s leading contemporary artists, Irene Barberis and Mike Parr.

Funded with money from Melbourne, the exhibition is the first in an international project called “5 Places”, which will link Bury with galleries in New York, Dubai, Hong Kong and Melbourne. It explores ideas of collaboration and global mobility, and in future the project will have a website and a high profile publication promoting the exhibitions and Bury’s unique place in international culture.

Tony Trehy, Bury Council’s arts & museums manager, said: “Bury’s ability to balance local art exhibitions with the best of the international art world gives the town unique cultural opportunities mostly funded by international agencies keen to acknowledge the gallery’s contribution to global arts.”

Last year, Bury Art Gallery was the only UK gallery featured in the European City of Culture in Dortmund.

Mike Parr is one of Australia’s leading performance artists and is showing a video art work called “Breathless”.

Irene Barberis is an artist and director of the Global Drawing Centre in Melbourne. Her installation features her unique brand of highly coloured geometry, performative drawing and hand-written biblical texts to create an atmospheric gallery atmosphere. Responding to Mike Parr’s video her work is called “First Breath Last Breath”. Irene will be Artist in Residence at the museum for two weeks, working and overseeing the installations and projection.

The exhibition runs from January 29 to April 9.

Bury Art Gallery is open Tue–Fri 10am to 5pm and on Saturday from 10am to 4.30pm.