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Local election candidates vote for cycling!

Date published: 04 May 2010

Love Your Bike and Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign (GMCC) have today released the results of a ‘cycling issues’ survey that was sent to local council candidates in every ward across Greater Manchester. The survey asked candidates their views on a range of policies that could help increase cycling levels in Greater Manchester. The
cycling groups are encouraging people to ‘vote for cycling’ when deciding who to support in the local elections on May 6.

Top of the poll for the proportion of candidates replying were the Green Party (41%) followed by the Liberal Democrats (15.9%), Labour Party (10.5%) and Conservative Party (2.9%). The highest turnout figures from candidates were in Trafford (24.7%), Manchester (23.4%) and Stockport (20.3%). The lowest turnout was in Oldham (1.3%).
The survey results were: 

  • How often do you cycle?

Whilst 45% of the respondents ‘never’ cycled it was encouraging to find that 13.6% cycled ‘once a week’ and 21% of respondents cycled ‘more than 3 times a week’. According to figures from the Department for Transport (DfT) around 32% of adults in the North West own a bicycle, but only 1% regularly cycle. The survey results indicate
that local election candidates in Greater Manchester cycle more often than the average person in the North West. 

  • Do you support the introduction of 20mph speed limits in all residential areas?

Over 90% of the local council election candidates who responded supported the 20mph speed limit in residential areas. There were high levels of support from most political parties: Green (97%), Liberal Democrat (96.6%) and Labour (86.9%). The majority of the Conservative Party candidates (60%) also supported this policy. 

  • Would you support your local council providing free adult cycle training

Of the local council election candidates who responded, over 90% supported local councils providing free adult cycle training. With high levels of support from most political parties: Green (97%), Liberal Democrat (93%) and Labour (91%). Only 33% of Conservative candidates supported this idea. 

  • Do you think that people should be able to travel with bicycles on Metrolink during off-peak travel times?

Potentially a ‘hot potato’ issue for local council election candidates given the recent decisions by the Greater Manchester Integrated Transport Authority (GMITA) regarding bicycle carriage on Metrolink trams. The results indicated support for cycle carriage on off-peak trams across all political parties and Council areas: Green (100%), Labour (95.2%), Liberal Democrat (86.2%) and Conservative (66.7%).

Dr Graeme Sherriff from the Love Your Bike campaign said: “Over the next 10 years all Greater Manchester councils will need to meet many challenges such as obesity, congestion, air quality, rising transport costs and reducing C02 emissions. Cycling can help people save on travel costs, become healthier and reduce obesity, as well as
helping to tackle congestion, reduce air pollution and C02 emissions.”

A more detailed report of the local election candidate responses is available at