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Parkers Pantry Ltd

56 Ainsworth Road , Radcliffe, M26 4FA

Interbake Ltd

Unit 2 Bridge Mills, Rochdale Road, Bury, BL0 0RE

Ernill Bakery

York Street, Bury, BL9 7AR

Charnwood Foods Home Bakery

1 New George Street , Bury , BL8 1NW

Martins Food Ltd

137 Eton Hill Road , Radcliffe, M26 2XQ

Bakers Dozen

67 Bury Road , Tottington, Bury, BL8 3EU


31 The Haymarket , Bury, BL9 OBX

The Cottage Loaf

25 Market Street, Tottington, Bury, BL8 4AA

Miles Bakery

67 Sunny Bank Road, Bury, BL9 8ES

Bread Basket

462 Walmersley Road, Bury, BL9 6EQ

Moore C J

241 Ainsworth Road, Radcliffe, M26 4EE

Beefy Bob Pies

6 Walmserley Old Road, Bury

The Village Bakery

14 Bridge Street, Ramsbottom, BL0 9AQ


1 Turks Road, Radcliffe, M26 4PY

Harlick's Confectioners

169 Cross Lane, Radcliffe, M26 2RJ

Greenhalghs Craft Bakery

25-27 Princess Parade, Bury, BL9 0QL

Martin Bakers

471 - 473 Bury New Road, Prestwich, M25 1AD

Hills Bakery

173 Rochdale Road, Bury, BL9 7BB


Unit 3 Freetown Business Park, Hudcar Lane, Bury, BL3 6HD


74 The Rock, Bury, BL9 0PB

Martin's Swiss Confectioners

473 Bury New Road, Prestwich, M25 1AD


60 Bridge Street, Bury , BL0 9AG

Sixsmith Bakery

15 Market Place, Ramsbottom, Bury, BL0 0JS

Simons Bakery

7 Bolton Street, Ramsbottom, Bury, BL0 9HU



"Slattery is delighted with the amount of interest received from our entry on Bury Focus. Slattery has a very low advertising budget and Bury Focus is proving to be a very cost effective way of ‘flying the flag' and keeping our name in peoples minds I look forward to increasing our web based profile with Bury Focus in the near future and congratulate you on helping with our growth."

John Slattery
Slattery Patissier & Chocolatier Ltd