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On Friday 29th September a group of 'Friends of the Earth' supporters met with David Chaytor MP to hand over the 'Big Ask Cards' which asks Their MP's to take action on Climate Change and which has been a major Campaign of FOE; we were pleased to note that David Chaytor MP has signed the Early Day Motion (EDM 178) which is asking the Government to reduce Carbon (CO2) emissions year on year by 3%, the government suggested a couple of years ago a 60% reduction by the year 2050.  The Climate Bill’s 3% per year is to try to force progress towards substantial cuts as soon as possible.   He said that the government is taking the lead in the Climate Change issue and that they had been instrumental in bringing about the introduction of the Kyoto Treaty.
We were concerned that the Government has not done enough; the Government will just about meet its Kyoto target but will almost certainly fail to meet its own target of 20% cuts by 2010. It is important that the Government take a lead by implementing policy; this will encourage the wider public to realise that climate change is indeed a serious problem that needs to be tackled now before it is too late.  'Friends of the Earth' say that there is 'The urgent need to reduce emissions and introduce a comprehensive action plan by 2010', also the release of the Hadley Report have made a case for faster global warming than previously thought possible, quote ‘The general consensus is that the world is warming due to the global effects of greenhouse gas emissions from human activity.  Regional studies are suggesting local changes in temperature and precipitation patterns, wind and wave activity, and floods and storms that could profoundly affect society.’
David Chaytor MP stressed that the Government are moving forward on significant improvements to update Building Regulation and to raise energy standards of new and refurbished buildings. This is a welcome move but more needs to be done, such as improved subsidies for home insulation; provide cheap and available public transport, so that there is less car use; replacement of inefficient electrical/gas equipment in the home
And to introduce 'more challenging targets for industry'.(FOE)We need to tackle the problem of further airport development and Flight haulage and a reduction in passenger flights if climate change is to Be averted.  As you can see Climate Change is not a vote puller and whilst it is understood that there is a need to take the voters with you it is our belief that on this occasion there is an urgency that requires the same commitment that was taken when the 'Clean Air Act' came into force.
The Question we will ask David Chaytor in our upcoming meeting will be on ways the government will tackle global warming, decentralized energy could be implemented along with solar and wind farms to make nuclear an unnecessary cost to the county.  Localized power production is shown to reduce pollution and increase efficacy and cost; many counties have implemented this like Denmark and we can learn by example, but we need the government to take the lead by using tax breaks on energy production in favor of decentralized energy.
If you are concerned about Climate Change and would like to come along to our meeting please log on to our web site by clicking the FoE logo or picture or ring Anne on 0161 797 7303. 

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