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Local Election 2011

Richard  Baum

Richard Baum

Liberal Democrat
St Mary's Ward

I am proud to be standing as the Liberal Democrat candidate for St Mary’s ward in the local elections on May 5th.

I am standing to be your local Councillor for another four years. I hope that I have been able to help lots of people since I was first elected in 2007. Carrying on doing that is the main reason I am standing again.

Too often locally we talk about Labour or Conservative, Lib Dem or UKIP. I fall into the trap myself, I know.

Of course party politics is important, and there are things that set me apart as a Lib Dem from my opponents. But to be honest, one thing I’ve learned in the last four years since being elected is that there’s no Lib Dem or Labour way to fix a broken street light or help someone out with their Council Tax bill. There are only the differences between good Councillors and bad ones – Councillors who respond to calls for help and stay in touch, and ones who don’t. I hope people vote with that in mind, and that they think I am worth their vote.

Since I was elected I have been proud to work with colleagues to start the now-annual Prestwich Festival, to campaign to save our local Post Offices, and just recently to have scrapped shoppers’ parking and saved the Longfield Suite. I have also tried to help the countless individuals who have contacted me for advice and assistance on everything from Council Tax to pavement repairs. If people think I’ve done it well I hope they can trust me to carry on.

It’s not been perfect or easy these last four years. Sometimes I try and fail, like we all do. The state of the economy is out of all of our control, and although that means sometimes we don’t get far trying to resolve people’s problems I do always try. Politicians of all parties are accused of breaking promises, but I promise to carry on trying to make Prestwich a better place, and I won’t break that.

Living in Prestwich means that my family and I are part of this community and want it to thrive.

I hope that people feel I am worthy of their vote. I would be happy to speak to anyone about any issue, large or small, at any time. Just drop me a line on 07811 987 894 or email me at

People can also read my blog at which I have updated pretty much daily for the last five years to give people the chance to hear my views, learn what I do as a Councillor, and engage in debate. A few Councillors from my party have sites like this in Bury. Nobody else does, and I am proud of this as a tool to keep people informed and engaged.

I hope that during my campaign I can convince people that I am a good Councillor and can continue to be so. If you’re unconvinced, let me know why and I’ll see what I can do.

Local Election 2011