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Local Election 2011

Andrew  Garner

Andrew Garner

Liberal Democrat
Church Ward

I am standing for election as a Liberal Democrat Councillor in Bury. The Lib Dems in Bury have been an effective, constructive opposition to the Conservatives at the Town Hall, and we want to build on our success in recent elections in Prestwich by winning elsewhere in Bury this time round.

Nationally, it’s a difficult time for the country. Labour’s legacy of debt and deficit meant that whoever won the last General Election, we’d be suffering big cuts now. In government, the Lib Dems are having a real influence despite making up only one sixth of the coalition. We have reduced income tax for millions, introduced a pupil premium, and scrapped Labour’s ID cards.

Where Lib Dems run Councils, they do well. No Lib Dem-run Council anywhere in the country has cut Sure Start funding this year, and despite Labour-run Councils slashing jobs, on the whole Lib Dem ones have been more sensibly managed. I want a Lib Dem Bury Council to make sure this happens in our borough.

The Conservatives running Bury have made some controversial decisions, and operate in a way many people find undemocratic and secretive. Meanwhile, Labour offer no constructive opposition or real alternatives. Their recent budget proposal was judged unaffordable by independent financial experts. Meanwhile the Lib Dem opposition secured vital amendments to the Council budget, saving local facilities.

Lib Dems are a real alternative for Bury, and could be a fresh start for the Council. That’s why I am a Lib Dem candidate, and I urge you to consider me on 5th May.

Local Election 2011