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Local Election 2011

Stephen  Morris

Stephen Morris

English Democrats
Besses Ward

75 Swinton Crescent

Whilst other candidates say they are “Local” what they actually mean is they live somewhere else in Bury, I live in Besses Ward and if elected as your Councillor the decisions I make would directly affect my family, friends, neighbours and you – I have to make the right choices.

Married to Valerie, we have 3 Children 17,15 & 3 having worked in Public Transport for the past 11yrs. Our daughter attends Bury College, our eldest son attends a local High School and my youngest is preschool. I have the same issues that most of you have of bringing up a family and worrying about what the future holds for all our children in these financially difficult times, brought about by the mismanagement of the Public Taxes by Labour whilst the Lib Dem/ Tory coalition break pledges and make unjustified massive cuts in English public services, each side blaming the other instead of putting YOU the voter and YOUR concerns first.

Over the past few years I like many of you have become disillusioned with the main party’s merry-go-round, saying one thing whilst doing something completely different and as a taxpaying member of the public I’ve come to realise that we are certainly not getting value for our hard earned money and this needs to change.

English Democrats want fairness and equality for England, where devolution has been good for Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland it has left us in England without the same Democratic Rights, seriously disadvantaged, financially worse off and in some cases affecting the very health of English patients.

Whilst prescriptions are FREE in Scotland, Wales & N. Ireland we in England pay £7.40 per item.

Cervical cancer screening in women starts at the age of 20 in Wales & Scotland whilst in England the age is 25. (remember the Jade Goody Case)

Never trust a pledge from a Lib Dem as students found out to their cost over tuition fees which are free in Scotland, capped at £3290 in Wales & N. Ireland but English students have to pay up to £9000 per year.

The list is endless...

For Fairness and Equality for England

Vote English Democrats- Vote Besses Resident - Vote Stephen Morris

Local Election 2011


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