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Proposed changes to hospital car parking

Date published: 02 January 2012

The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust is proposing to make changes to its car parking policy, which could see designated parking for staff, patients and visitors.

The Trust is also considering new parking payment methods, including vouchers and paying by phone, and enforcement changes to encourage parking compliance.

In addition to its staff, the Trust is seeking the public’s views on the new proposals for parking at its hospitals at Rochdale Infirmary, The Royal Oldham Hospital, Fairfield General Hospital in Bury and North Manchester General Hospital.

Barry Waterhouse, Travel and Access Manager at the Trust, said: “The Trust’s vehicle parking policy is due for review and we are taking this opportunity to look at ways to improve the car parking arrangements and methods of parking payment for our patients and staff. We are keen to seek the views of patients, visitors and staff on our proposed changes to the policy through an engagement and consultation exercise.

“Charging for hospital car parking is standard across all NHS Trusts; it's essential and helps to cover maintenance, security, insurance and running costs. The NHS has to pay for the space that car parks use. The charges prevent these things becoming a drain on valuable health care resources and allow Trusts to target resources on patient care and medical and clinical costs.

“Currently the majority of parking at our hospital sites is available for all types of user. This raises issues on differing needs and requirements. Also, staff parking demands impact upon the availability of patient and visitor parking.”

The Trust is carrying out a public and staff consultation into three key proposed changes to the Vehicle Parking Policy. These are:

•The designation of parking areas within our hospital sites, establishing dedicated patient and visitor parking areas.
•Changes to the current method of charging for parking concessions, using vouchers or payment by phone for parking at a reduced price.
•Changes to parking enforcement on our hospital sites to encourage compliance with parking rules and to improve existing signage.

The Trust is undertaking a survey on the proposals which runs to 20 January 2012.

To take part, visit: