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Bury residents reminded to drink sensibly

Date published: 22 December 2011

Residents across Bury are being reminded to think twice before drinking too much during the festive season.

For many people the number of Christmas parties mean pressure to drink more than usual at this time of year. It all begins as good fun yet, after weeks of drinking at the office parties and then all day long celebrations on Christmas Day, the effects of too many hangovers can leave you feeling less than festive by the time New Year’s Day arrives.

In comparison to other celebrations such as birthdays, weddings and even alcohol-laden stag and hen dos, Christmas lasts longer and involves more parties and nights out than them all. Suffering from the headaches, nausea and tiredness a hangover brings is bad enough, but too much alcohol can also be bad for the waistline and even cause alcohol poisoning. While in the long-term regularly drinking too much alcohol can affect your skin, your heart and your liver.

Luckily, with a few simple tips you can manage your drinking to ensure you don't miss a minute of the celebrations and keep safe in the process:

Know how much is too much – remember your daily limits, 2-3 units for women (two 125ml glasses of wine), 3-4 for men (two pints of 4% beer)

Don't drink on an empty stomach – make sure you eat before you start drinking to slow the effects of alcohol

Include soft drinks as part of your celebration – try and alternate a soft drink between alcoholic drinks to keep yourself hydrated and save money!

Avoid having a hair of the dog – drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy snack will help you overcome the headache and weariness of a hangover


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