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It’s a playtime adventure at Sedgley Children’s Centre

Date published: 30 August 2011

Sedgley Children's Centre in Prestwich has run Sedgley Adventurers sessions throughout the summer – and due to their popularity they will be back this autumn.

This outdoor play session, for children aged 2-5, provided opportunities for children to play outdoor nature games, understand more about healthy eating and also take part in nature-inspired crafts and outdoor games.

The sessions are designed to provide parents with practical tips and example activities to encourage outdoor activity with their children.

The autumn adventurers session will run for four weeks starting on Tuesday 20 September at St Marys Park, Prestwich from 10.30am to 11.30am.

Sedgley Adventurers are very brave and go out whatever the weather. So the sessions will run whatever the weather , so bring waterproof clothing (or a change of clothes) and wellies!

Councillor Nick Parnell, Executive Member for Children and Families, said: “The latest research from Play England shows that only 21% of children play outside in the street or an area close to their homes now, compared to 71% of children from the last generation. This session at Sedgley Children's Centre is trying to improve on that figure by giving children and parents safe ways to play outside”.


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