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St Margarets C Of E Primary School

Heywood Road, Prestwich, M25 2BW

Gorsefield Primary

Robertson Street, Radcliffe, M26 4DW

Holcombe Brook Primary School

Longsight Road, Ramsbottom, Bury, BL0 9TA

St Joseph's R C Primary School

Queen Street, Ramsbottom, BL0 9JJ

Radcliffe Primary School

Coronation Road, Radcliffe, M26 3RD

St Paul's C Of E Primary School

Porritt Street, via Huntley Mount Road, Bury, BL9 6LJ

Holy Trinity Primary CE School

Cecil Street, Bury, BL9 0SB

Peel Brow Primary

Fir Street, Ramsbottom, BL0 0BJ

Elms Bank Specialist Arts College

Ripon Avenue, Whitefield, M45 8PJ

St Johns C Of E School

Johnson Street, Radcliffe, M26 1AW

Radcliffe C Of E Methodist Primary School

Bury Street, Radcliffe, M26 2GB

St Luke’s CE Primary

Morley Street, Bury, BL9 9JQ

St Hildas C Of E Primary School

Whittaker Lane, Prestwich, M25 1HA

St Peter's C Of E Primary School

Whitefield Road, Bury, BL9 9PW

Sedgley Park Community Primary School

Kings Road, Prestwich, M25 0HT

East Ward Community Primary School

Willow Street, Bury, BL9 7QZ

Pupil Learning Centre

Summerseat House, Summerseat Lane, Ramsbottom, BL0 9UD

St Stephen's CE Primary

Colville Drive, Bury, BL8 2DX

Whitefield Community Primary School

Victoria Avenue, Whitefield, M45 6DP

Mersey Drive Primary School

Mersey Drive, Whitefield, M45 8LN

Emmanuel Holcombe C Of E Primary School

Helmshore Road, Holcombe, Bury, BL8 4PA

St Andrew's C Of E Primary School, Radcliffe

Graves Street, Radcliffe, M26 4GE

Hollins Grundy Primary School

Hollins Lane, Bury, BL9 8AY

Cams Lane Primary School

Cams Lane, Radcliffe, M26 3SW

Heap Bridge County Primary School

Heap Brow, Bury, BL9 7JP

Woodhey (Specialist Science College)

Bolton Road West, Ramsbottom, BL0 9QZ

St Gabriel's RC (Specialist Science College)

Bridge Road, Bury, BL9 0TZ

Cloughside College

Bury New Road, Prestwich, M25 3BL

Fairfield Community Primary

Rochdale Old Road, Bury, BL9 7SD

Christ Church CE Primary

Church Street, Walshaw, Bury, BL8 3AX

Chantlers Primary School

Foulds Avenue, Bury, BL8 2SF

The Derby (Specialist Science & Art College)ð>

Radcliffe Road, Bury, BL9 9NH

Guardian Angels R C Primary School

Leigh Lane, Bury, BL8 2RH

Bury C Of E High School (Specialist Humanities College)

Haslam Brow, Bury, BL9 0TS

Wesley Methodist Primary School

Forth Road, Radcliffe, M26 4PX

Millwood Primary Special School

Fletcher Fold Road, Bury, BL9 9RX

St Mary's C Of E Primary School, Hawkshaw

Bolton Road, Hawkshaw, Bury, BL8 4JL

Rossendale Special School

Bamford Road, Ramsbottom, Bury, BL0 0RT

Old Hall Primary School

Springside View, Bury, BL8 4LU

Park View Primary

Park View Road, Prestwich, M25 1FA

Yesoiday Hatorah School

Sedgley Park Road, off Bury New Road, Bury, M25 0JW

Greenmount Primary

Holhouse Lane, Greenmount, Bury, BL8 4HD

Lowercroft Primary School

Ashington Drive, Lowercroft Road, Bury, BL8 2TS

All Saints CE Primary School

Rufford Drive, Whitefield, M45 8PL

Radcliffe Hall CE/Methodist Controlled Primary

Bury Street, Radcliffe, M26 2GB

Sunny Bank Primary School

Hathaway Road, Bury, BL9 8EQ

St Thomas's C Of E Primary School

Pimhole Road, Bury, BL9 7EY

Holly Mount R C Primary School

Holcombe Roado, Greenmount, Bury, BL8 4HS

Philips (Specialist Maths and Computing College)

Higher Lane, Whitefield, M45 7PH

Elton Community Primary

Alston Street, Bury, BL8 1SB

Butterstile Primary School

School Grove, Prestwich, M25 9RJ

St Mary's C Of E Primary School, Prestwich

Rectory Lane, Prestwich, M25 1BP

Hazlehurst Primary School

Geoffrey Street, Ramsbottom, BL0 9PQ

Chesham Primary School

Talbot Grove, Bury, BL9 6PH

Woodbank Primary School

Brandlesholme Road, Bury, BL8 1AX

Springside Primary School

Springside Road, Bury, BL9 5JB

Christ Church Ainsworth CE Primary

Tommy Lane, Ainsworth, Bury, BL2 5SQ

Bury Whitefield Jewish Primary School

School Closeg, Parr Lane, Bury, BL9 8JT

St John With St Mark C Of E Primary School

Athlone Avenue, Bury, BL9 5EE

Castlebrook High School (Specialist Science and Technology College)

Parr Lane, Bury, BL9 8LP

Our Lady of Lourdes RC Primary

Rudgwick Drive, Bury, BL8 1YA

Manchester Mesivta

Charlton Avenue, Prestwich, M25 0PH

St Monica's RC (Specialist Language College)

Bury Old Road, Prestwich, M25 1JH

Parrenthorn (Specialist Technology College)ale

Heywood Road, Prestwich, M25 2GR

St Bernadettes R C County Primary School

Abingdon Avenue, Whitefield, M45 8PT

St Michael's R C Primary School

Ribble Drive, Whitefield, M45 8NJ

Prestwich Arts College

Heys Road, Prestwich, M25 1JZ

Peel Brow School

Fir Street, Ramsbottom, Bury, BL0 0BJ

The Elton High School Specialist Arts College

Walshaw Road, Bury, BL8 1RN

Broad Oak (Specialist Sports College)

Hazel Avenue, Bury, BL9 7QT

St Marie's R C Primary School

Edward Street, Bury, BL9 0RZ

Coney Green Technology School

Spring Lane, Radcliffe, M26 2SZ

Radcliffe Riverside

Coney Green Campus, Spring Lane, Radcliffe, M25 2SZ

St Mary's R C Primary School

Belgrave Street, Radcliffe, M26 4DG

Our Lady Of Grace R C Primary School

Highfield Road, Prestwich, M25 5AS

Higher Lane Primary School

Egerton Road, Whitefield, M45 7EX

Summerseat Methodist Primary School

Rowlands Road, Summerseat, Bury, BL9 5NF

Heaton Park Primary School

Cuckoo Lane, Whitefield, M45 6TE

Tottington Primary School

Moorside Road, Tottington, Bury, BL8 3HR

St Andrew's C Of E Primary School, Ramsbottom

Nuttall Lane, Ramsbottom, Bury, BL0 9JD

Unsworth Primary School

Blackley Close, Parr Lane, Unsworth, Bury, BL9 8LY

Edenfield C Of E Primary School

Market Street, Ramsbottom, Bury, BL0 0HL

Greenhill Primary

Mile Lane, Bury, BL8 2JH

St Joesph & St Bede R C Primary School

Danesmoor Drive, Bury, BL9 6ER

Tottington (Specialist Maths & Computing College)Á

Laurel Street, Tottington, Bury, BL8 3LY

Ribble Drive Primary School

Ribble Drive, Whitefield, M45 8TD

Chapelfield Primary School

Clough Street, Radcliffe, M26 1LH



"Slattery is delighted with the amount of interest received from our entry on Bury Focus. Slattery has a very low advertising budget and Bury Focus is proving to be a very cost effective way of ‘flying the flag' and keeping our name in peoples minds I look forward to increasing our web based profile with Bury Focus in the near future and congratulate you on helping with our growth."

John Slattery
Slattery Patissier & Chocolatier Ltd